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Because We Are Moving…

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Enjoy A little Something!

Hello my beauties, 

I hope you are all doing well and great! 

Today I’ve got some news to share with you that we are moving to a new location.

In the past 8 years I’ve seen my little business grow from beaches, to living rooms, to balconies, to craft fairs and then to the studio I am now in.. 

The time has come where I have to leave my little heaven at the Ropeworks. 
It’s been 5 years of a beautiful expansion which I’m really grateful of! I have to say I’ll miss my little cave but the wheel of fortune has now turned for me and I’m definitely ready to move on.

But don’t worry I’m not going far!! I’ll be just around the corner in “Houldsworth Mill Shopping Centre” building my new studio! 😉

I am excited and can’t wait for what new “Crafter” will bring. All I can promise is more and more Dreaded Crafty Adventure. 

So For Now…

Enjoy a 15% OFF on all our products till the 28th of March (YaaaY) as the shop will be closed from the 29th of May – 5th of June.

Use the Code:   “HASTALAVISTA”

Or visit our Etsy Shop too! 

I’m looking forward to see you in my new heaven! 

Elena StavrinouBecause We Are Moving…

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