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October Newsletter!!

New Season! New Collection! New News! Let’s welcome October As we are heading to the middle of Autumn we are showcasing the new collection of products by CrafterElena. You can find on our Website and on our Etsy Shop all the new products. What makes our autumn collection special.. Handmade bohemian items made out of leather and wood, brought back

nits and dreads

Nits and Dreads – How to get rid of the Dreadlock Nightmare

Schools are opening again and every dreadhead that has kids or works around kids, is definitely fearing of the worst to come —> the nits, fleas, lice, or however you want to call them, the are the “Dreads Nightmare” This little insects jump from head to head, layer their eggs and fill up heads with

warrior dreads by CrafterElena

Warrior Dreads and Styling

Yesterday Rachel has visited our studio in Manchester to get her dreadlocks. A lady who has a body almost full of tattoos now. She always loved dreads and finally she decided to get her hair dreaded with some natural dread extensions added to them. Her style now looks even more fulfilled, looking like a warrior

Dreadlocks and shaved sides

Dread Tips and Stories

People and their dreads, why do they have them, what is good to do with them and what do they do with them.

Orange Macrame Earrings

We Love Earrings

Origins: From our recent travels in Thailand we have a few earrings made from my dearest friend Chayo which we work closely with to decide the design colour and style of the earrings. You can find them available now on the Crafter‘s shop starting with this beautiful selection of macrame earrings. You can check them all out

Crafter summer updates!! Check where to find us!

So summer is here and I wouldn’t miss the chance to go away again a little bit. Read below our summer updates: So for the months June, July and mid August the dates Crafter is away are: 27th June – 4th July —-> Ibiza 10th – 21st July —-> Cyprus 4th – 15th August —-> Boomtown

Dreadlock Time-lapse

So a lot of people have been wondering how do I make dreadlocks, how long does it take, how are they gonna look after..

Illuminaughty – Day of the Dead

Another Halloween has passed and another IlluminAughty is gone. Every year it’s bigger and better, and our experience of being part of it is always exciting. This year it held place at Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Old Trafford on the 29th of October with the name Day of the Dread.  

How to: Dreadlocks Deep Cleaning

  Dreadlocks due to their form are not easy to clean completely. We all do the usual stuff, washing either with a dread shampoo or even with a normal shampoo but dreads do intent to gather inside loads of dirt and dust that is difficult to clean with just a wash.. What we recommend in