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Crafty November

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November with Crafter at the studio

CrafterElena is back in the studio after a very busy October and IllumiNaughty Underworld and looking forward to seeing you all again.

I’ve got to say I’ve missed you all and our lovely chats, so if you do need me just give me a shout! I’ll be happy to assist your dreadies 🙂

So if your dreads feel that they have missed me give me a call and book in an appointment.

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dreadlocks manchester competition by Crafterelena

“how many dreads does LibbyCakes got” competition winners

A dread level above – October Dread Competition Winners

Libby has done her dreads with us in Manchester in October, she had partial dreads which we’ve maintained, we’ve added some natural extensions too and now all her dreads are super long, super feminine and super knit. We’ve kept her french out too so she can have some freedom to play 😉

A competition was out on our Instagram and Facebook in October asking “how many dreads does Libby got” The magic number was 52!!!  and the winners of the competition were Wioletta Meler and Linda Ital Mcbrook who they can now enjoy a 10% discount on their next appointment.

dreadlcoks and undercuts by CrafterElena in Manchester

What about shaves and undercuts?

What if you where to change your dreads style a bit? What about a little undercut? A little shave? Do you know this thing can get addictive?? 😂

It can look so cool and interesting at the same time like FO FO’s who likes to keep it naughty!! I love it when people come with mad ideas about their dreads..

dread hat, dreadlock beanie

One last thing.

If you are looking for some new additions for your dreads, don’t forget to visit our shop and find loads of hats, hair wraps and bandanas, beads and all sorts of accessories. You can find us online or at our studio in Stockport, Manchester.

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Happy to help.

If there is anything you’d like  to ask, information you’d like to know, we are always here to help. Email Crafter, call or visit our studio for a cup of tea and a nice chat 🙂

Elena StavrinouCrafty November

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