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HOW TO: Dreadlock Head Wrap Tutorial is now out!

HOW TO: Dreadlock Head Wrap Tutorial is now out!

Watch how to wear your headscarf like a turban!

A tutorial that loads of you have been asking for it’s finally here! Watch how to wear your headscarf like a turban! Check it out!

In this tutorial you will be guided step by step on how to:

  1. Let your dreads loose
  2. Tie your dreads in a bun
  3. Use an elastic band to tie them in place
  4. Fold the scarf twice in a long strip
  5. Place the middle of the strip at the back of your head
  6. Cross the two ends at the front and wrap them tight around your head
  7. Secure the ends at the back inside the wrap
  8. Your HeadWrap is Ready!! Enjoy 😍

The Head Scarf is available in 20 different colours on our shop! 👇

Dreadscarf colour choice
Oh and don’t forget share it ♥️

Love & Craft! xx

Elena StavrinouHOW TO: Dreadlock Head Wrap Tutorial is now out!

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