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How to Fix your Dreadlock Roots – Video Tutorial

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How to maintain your dreadlock roots with the crochet needle method

Hey guys,

I hope you are all doing great!

I know it’s quarantine times and you are all a little bit limited in doing your usual visits to your locticians, barbers and hairdressers. 💇

So, after a lot of requests from my lovely clients and dreaded friends, I made this video tutorial on “How to Fix your Dreadlock Roots”. The goal to help you go through this hard hairy time 👩‍🦱 😀

I hope you enjoy the video and it helps.

And here there is a step by step instructions on how to do exactly what I explained in the video with the visual representation of photos 📷

Tools & Steps:

  1. 1 x Crochet needle
    You need a crochet needle either 0.6mm or 0.75mm. I usually prefer the 0.75mm.

    Tools: 1 crochet needle 0.75mm or 0.6mm

  2. Scissors

    You might need the scissors to separate the loose hair and direct them in the dread they belong. Be careful though, as accidents might happen so only use them if you are sure of where you are cutting.Tool 2: 1 pair of scissors

  3. Find a dread with a loose root

    Dreadlock Root maintenance - Grab the loose hair around the root

  4. Separate the loose hairs to the according dreads.

    Make sure you create a separate line between the dreads so that your dreads don’t start growing together.

  5. Twist the loose hair around your root

  6. Hold the dread root tide

    The loose hair should be in your hand toohold dread root tight - dreadlock roots maintenance

  7. Put the needle through the middle of the dread

    Keep holding the dread and the loose hair tight at this point. It’s important to keep hold of them so you control what you are pulling in and where.

  8. Pull the loose hair in, up to the middle of the dread.

    dreadlock maintenance crochet needle

  9. Repeat the movement a few times to get the dreadlock tight.

    Try and move the needle left and right up and down and twist the dread so you can get it tide all around and not just in one place. This will help in keeping your dreads knit for longer too.

  10. Repeat on each dreadlock root you would like to maintain.

I hope you found this video and blog post useful. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

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Elena StavrinouHow to Fix your Dreadlock Roots – Video Tutorial

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