How to Fix your Dreadlock Roots – Video Tutorial

how to fix your dreadlock roots with crochet needle
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  1. I love dreads I think if a baby that was born with hair and that baby is me….well then I would of dreading my hair from real young. My dreads are 2 and half years old. I had half original dreads and half human hair dreaded and attached. So yeah lol I cut it once and crochet the ends of the cut dreads that feather look you get at the end of each dreadlock….shoe loads work hard now last night I just suddenly picked up my scissors and just started cutting my dreads one by one all the human hair off….lol anyway it looks quite funcky I’m impressed. I learned via ytube to be able to crochet my own hair even now on my own…so many blessings. Thanks for the tips…oh yes I boil fresh lavender for 10 min and let it steep for the whole night.Fresh rosemary do exactly the same. Then strain it through cheese cloth. Take raw aloe vera and soak for 30 min in water to get poison out. Get rid of the water and blend the inside of the aloe vera and strain through stocking even. Dash of virgin coconut oil, peanut oil,Jojoba essential oil a few drops.and some rose water qnd that my daily spritzer

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