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Nits and Dreads – How to get rid of the Dreadlock Nightmare

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Schools are opening again and every dreadhead that has kids or works around kids, is definitely fearing of the worst to come —> the nits, fleas, lice, or however you want to call them, the are the “Dreads Nightmare

This little insects jump from head to head, layer their eggs and fill up heads with more of them..

What to do to save your dreads from nits:

  • Tea Tree Oil: This is the best and most natural solution! Get an 100ml spray bottle, fill it with water and add 10-20 drops of tea tree oil. Tea tree oil helps to get the nits away from the hair as they hate the fresh and vivid smell of tea tree.
  • Apply this 2-3 times a week
  • When washing your dreads add some tea tree oil drops in your shampoo to help the smell stay in your dreads.

What usually happens with the nits is that once they land on your head they lay their eggs, the eggs take about 3 days to pop out and then they need 3 days to be able to reproduce. So to avoid them from being born and staying on your dreads you need to keep applying the tea tree oil on your hair!

If you keep on doing this the nits should disappear from your dreads.

You can find tea tree oil with a spray bottle here: 

Find more useful information about your dreads here:

Elena StavrinouNits and Dreads – How to get rid of the Dreadlock Nightmare

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