Autumnal Forest Dreadlock Hair Wrap


Autumnal Forest Dreadlock Hair Wrap

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The “Autumnal Forest” dreadlock hair wrap are perfect for adding to your dreadlocks or non-dreaded hair to add a little texture and colour. The theme of these hair wraps is Autumnal Forest as it’s inspired by the colours of the forest in the Autumn months. I have used merino wool, faux suede, hemp thread wooden beads, feathers and talismans.

Tie them onto your hair using the attached elasticated bobble for an instant autumnal look.

There are 4 dreadlock hair wrap designs to choose from:

Design 1:
Made with brown, green & grey merino wool, camel faux suede cord, hemp thread, pheasant feathers and talismans
Size: 40cm

Design 2:
Made with green merino wool, camel faux suede leather, a eucalyptus handmade bead, the tree of life talisman and and brass large feather at the end.
Size: 40cm

Design 3:
Made with brown, orange, beige and green merino wool. I added a large bead from my lemon tree in Cyprus and a brass moon talisman, plus feathers at the end.
Size: 45cm

Design 4:
Made with brown, green & grey merino wool, camel faux suede cord, a eucalyptus bead and a brass tree talisman at the end.
Size: 45cm

Each autumnal forest hair wrap is uniquely decorated and features an array of green, brown, grey merino wool which is hand made by British artists I met at the Cumbrian Wool Gathering, hemp thread and some additional wooden beads I made from eucalyptus wood and when I was in Cyprus. Talismans, feathers, and beautiful decorative charms have been added to this beautiful wraps.

Watch this video on how to wear the autumnal forest dreadlock hair wraps and decorate your dreadlocks or hair with them:

Visit this link to discover more of my dreadlock accessories:

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Design 1, Design 2, Design 3, Design 4


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