Boho Diamond Camel Wool Morrocan Carpet Berber Rug Kilim

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100 cm x 150 cm

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Camel hair yarn, often spun from the wool of the weaver’s own camels are exceptionally soft and, like top quality sheep’s wool, it is very strong and resilient to wear.

Camel hair has been used for thousands of years, traditionally for tents, cloaks and carpets by the Berbers and in other areas where camels were kept. Its high thermostatic properties provide insulation and retains heat.

This beautiful carpet with black and white markings was hand woven by Berber women from the Ait Oughrda Tribes located in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains.

The unique ethnic piece will bring simple style to your living space. The piece is also one of a kind!.

Berbers provide good stain resistance and durability.


100cm x 150cm


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1. Beige & Mustard LRG, 1. Beige 180cmx120cm, 2. Brown & Red LRG, 2. Red 180cmx120cm, 3. Beige & Mustard MED, 3. Beige 150cmx80cm, 4. Brown & Red MED, 4. Red 150cmx80cm


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