Handmade Leather Belt Pouch, Outdoors Festival Pocket, Wallet, Triangle



  • Approx Height: 230mm
  • Approx Max Width: 290mm
  • Approx Max Length (with belt): 1,20m




This durable Handmade Leather Belt Pouch offers 3 compartments.
One spacious with metal popper and 2 with zippers.
It is handmade by genuine leather in addition, the unique details are relevant to the Moroccan local culture.

Keep it and your items secure on your waist or shoulder with the belt-like, adjustable closure. Make an impression with the colourful shapes and designs made with the leather on any occasion you chose to wear one of our bags.

Great gift for the summer for someone you love or yourself to securely carry your belongings wherever you are on the beach, hiking or busy music festivals

Color Options:

  1. BLACK with BLUE detail
  2. BLACK with BROWN detail
  3. CAMEL with BLUE detail
  4. CAMEL with BROWN detail
  5. DARK BROWN with BROWN detail
  6. DARK BROWN with BLUE detail
  7. DARK BROWN with BLACK detail
  8. CAMEL with BLACK detail


  • Height: 230mm
  • Max Width: 290mm
  • Max Length (with belt): 1,20m

All of our Leather Pouches are handmade using traditional local techniques. Be advised that your item might be slightly different (color shades) than the ones in the pictures.

Will be shipped with normal shipping but there is a choice for tracked or priority.
To see more of our pouches please visit this link.

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Additional information


Black, Camel, Dark Brown


Blue, Brown, Black


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