Necklace Gemstone Macrame Jet & Lemon Quartz


Necklace Gemstone Macrame Jet & Lemon Quartz

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This necklace has been handmade using the macrame technique, with brown waxed thread, silver beads and a big gemstone in the centre. It has a threaded loop on the back that allows you to fasten it easily with a second smaller gem stone. It’s a perfect present, on any occasion.

Jet Stone:
– Gives you physical, emotional, and spiritual guidance to help you accomplish your goals, achieve balance and harmony.
– Reminds you of your goals, setting you on the right path.
– Helps re-evaluate your every day methods.
– Inspires you to reinvent yourself.
– It has the ability to draw out negative energies that are lingering in your auric fields.

Lemon Quartz:
– Will bless you with the qualities of optimism, well being and creativity, in addition to all the normal qualities of clear quartz.
– Supports you in deep meditation and enhances your focus on personal goals.
– Helps your mind find clarity and a brighter outlook.
– It encourages you to have control over negative thoughts and aids you in freeing your mind from anxieties.
– Brings out all the positive aspects of your personality.

Brown Waxed Threads, Silver Beads, Jet Gemstone, Lemon Quartz Gemstone.

Necklace Height: 20cm
Thread Circumference: 40cm

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