Macrame Necklace Jasper Jade Fire Agate Gemstone Pendant



Up to 65cm Circumference / 40cm length



This bohemian pendant necklace has been handmade using the macrame technique, with brown, peach or blue waxed thread and a big gemstone in the centre. It has an adjustable detailing at the back that allows you to tighten or loosen it to the perfect fit. It makes a great present, for any occasion.

Choose from the following gemstone necklace options: Epidote Red Jasper, Omphacite Jade or Moss/Brown Fire Agate Cabachon.

 Epidote Red Jasper (with brown threaded macrame design)

    • These two beautifully blended elements will embody your relationships as strong and harmonious.
    • It’s energies balance aspects of your heart, lifting your spirits when you are feeling down.
    • It is particularly good for helping you bounce back from sorrow, grief or disappointment.

Omphacite Jade (with peach threaded macrame design)

This necklace has a matching bracelet option! Follow this link to see.

    • Jade will positively influence your prosperity and health, as is feng shui culture.
    • Asian cultures value jade highly as it is even considered by some to be more valuable than gold and diamonds.
    • Jade holds the ability to protect you from evil or bad luck.

Moss/Brown Fire Agate Cabachon (with blue threaded macrame design)

This necklace has a matching bracelet option! Follow this link to see

  • Fire Agate will help you manifest Divine guidance through action, and assist you in taking decisive action in unclear circumstances of your life.
  • You will find this helpful in treating sexual imbalances, including any impotence or fear of sexual intimacy you may have.
  • It will stop the burning desire for things you do not need, and assist you with juggling multiple jobs.

Brown Waxed Threads, Peach Waxed Threads, Blue Waxed Threads, Epidote Red Jasper Gemstone, Omphacite Jade Gemstone, Moss/Brown Agate Cabachon, Gold Beads

The waxed thread is called ‘Linhasita’. It is a great quality waxed thread that protects the necklace from stretching. This thread is very strong and resistant and the colour doesn’t run or fade either in the sun or in water. It is 100% washable.

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Blue – Moss Fire-Agate, Brown – Epidote Red Jasper, Peach – Omphacite Jade


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