Necklace Macrame Purple Jade Tumbled Gemstone


Necklace Macrame Purple Jade Tumbled Gemstone

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1 in stock



This pendant necklace has been handmade using the macrame technique, with maroon, nude and black waxed thread. It has a big purple jade gemstone in the centre. There is an adjustable detailing on the back that allows you to tighten or loosen it to fit you perfectly. It's a great present, for any occasion.

Purple Jade (tumbled):
o Great to help you 'lighten up' and relax into the flow of life.
o Purple jade is perfect if you are very empathetic, as it will protect your aura.
o This gemstone will help you to perceive and interpret the energies of others.
o This is the best stone to wear if you wish to enhance your dreams.

This necklace has a matching bracelet available! Visit our bracelet section to see.-

Maroon Waxed Threads, Nude Waxed Threads, Black Waxed Threads, Purple Jade Gemstone, Gold Beads

The waxed thread is called 'Linhasita'. It is a great quality waxed thread that protects the necklace from stretching. This thread is very strong and resistant and the colour doesn't run or fade either in the sun or in water. It is 100% washable.

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