Rosemary Essential Oil for Dreadlocks – Rosmarinus Officinalis 10ml



Rosemary Oil: 10ml
Spray Bottle: 75ml



The Rosemary essential oil is a great way to care for your dreadlocks! Very easy to use, just add water in the spray bottle (75 ml) and 4-6 drops of Rosemary Oil, shake well and you are ready to rock your dreads with a few splashes in the roots.
You and your hair will feel new and refreshed again.

**If you would like your spray contents to mix better you can add 4 drops of Solubol for each essential oil drop.

Benefits of Using Rosemary Oil on Dreadlocks & Hair:

This oil is extremely effective for hair and scalp treatment.
It helps hair growth, treats dandruff and controls oily skin. Rosemary Oil will give your scalp and hair a healthy treat.

Its attributes leave your hair protected against many forms of scalp irritants.
This medicinal oil nourishes and moisturises both scalp and hair.


Rosemary Oil: 10ml
Spray Bottle: 75ml

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Rosemary Oil, Rosemary oil + Spray Bottle


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