Tuareg Carved Tribal Bronze Metal Bracelet


Tuareg Carved Tribal Bronze Metal Bracelet

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These elegant Tribal Brass Metal Bracelets have been handmade with antique brass metal by the artisans of the Tuareg Tribe in North Africa, Sahara Desert. There are around 40 families that make this jewellery.

It is believed that the Tuareg jewellery has powers within it which it obtains from the fire within which it is forged.

Each bracelet has an individual hand-carved pattern which makes each piece a complete one off.
A fabulous and unique item that will add an ethnic look to any outfit.

All of our Tuareg items are 100% unique and you won’t find identical ones due to the traditional techniques passed through generations by the Tuareg to create them.

Available in 7 different designs.


Antique Bronze



Circumference – 13.5cm

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