Tuareg Compass Carved Necklace Pendant

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  • Length: 205 mm
  • Pendant height: 81.40mm
  • Necklace length: 210mm

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This special Tuareg Talisman Necklace/Pendant was made by the Tuareg Tribe in North Africa, Sahara Desert. You can wear this piece by itself or combine it with any other Tuareg rings and bracelets from our collection.

Compliment a simple every-day look as well as any alternative event and occasion. Make an impression with this elegant and vintage design whenever you wear it.

The hand-crafted patterns give each necklace a unique feel.
All of our Tuareg items are %100 unique and you won’t find identical ones due to the traditional techniques passed through generations by the Tuareg to create them.


  • Length: 205 mm
  • Pendant height: 81.40mm
  • Necklace length: 210mm

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