Crescent Moon Necklace Wooden Tribal Choker


  • Handmade in Bali
  • Crescent moon hanging pendant
  • Made from Sono wood, a dense and crisp textured wood with a smooth finish


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Crescent Moon Necklace Wooden Tribal Choker

This wooden crescent moon tribal chocker necklace is a beautiful statement piece handmade in Bali using Sono wood and a touch of silver. The necklace features a beautiful crescent moon hanging pendant fixed to the necklace with a real silver clasp.

This bold and chunky necklace exudes a powerful tribal aesthetic. It is a fabulous and unique piece that will add an authentic ethnic look to any outfit.

This necklace is 100% unique and handmade and so you won’t find an identical piece due to the techniques used to create it.


  • Sono wood
  • 925 Silver


Approx – 15.5cm

Crescent moon pendant – 4.5cm


Note: Sizes may vary slightly due to the products being handmade.

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