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Why are my dreads so Fluffy?

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You just got your dreads in the past 6 months and they are super uber fluffy! WHY?

  • Your hair is a new form and position and it doesn’t know what to do. Should the hair stay in the dread or get out? Jump in this dread or the one next to it?
  • Dreads take about 1-2 years to mature ( this means they still need time to get tight and solid)
  • They need regular maintenance but you got lazy to do it 😟 


So let’s say that you’ve backcombed or twisted and ripped your hair, and now? Your dreads are so fluffy that you can’t even call them dreads..

Dread Palm Rolling

First thing to do is —> Palm Roll!!

This is so so important! Palm rolling will help your dreads form and stay together, it will give them a straight and circular shape that you will love. I suggest to do this every day. Start from the root of your dread and come down will you are rolling the dread in your palm. This helps the hair stay close to the dread and not go supper fluffy!!

How to fix fluffy dreads

Then the next part is –> Crochet Needles!

Probably if you are doing this on your own it will take a while to get it right but when the technique works it’s like the sky has opened! Revelation!! The principle is to hook the hair on the needle and pull it in the dread. An easy way to start is by wrapping the hair around the needle and pulling itthrough the dread. This is what makes the knots, and dreads are loads of knots together 😜 I personally use 0.75mm but other people use 0.6 a lot of times. I think 0.75mm lets the dread breath a little more but the difference is minor really.. Find a crochet needle here

But Please –> DON’T USE WAX!!!

Please DON’T! Wax is a temporary solution for your dreads and the fluffy hair to stick together but it’s a longterm problem. In case you don’t know, bees wax is waterproof, therefore it’s very difficult to get it out of dreads in the future. Wax makes dreadlocks dirty, sticky and horrible and everything that you are exposed to stick on it! So please avoid it so you don’t regret it in the future!

In general, dreads will never stop getting messy but after a few years you had them they will mature. That means that the length of them will not need much of a maintenance apart from the roots. Your roots will always need some regular care.

The best thing to do is PALM ROLL them every day if you can as this will help them so much to keep a nice, circular and straight shape and not go wanky! This will also help the hair to stay close to the dread and not go super fluffy!! Remeber, you wont see the difference in a day but you will definitely see it in the long run!

I hope this was helpful and it brightened up your day 🙂 And don’t forget that you can ⬇️

Find more useful information about your dreads here:

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Elena StavrinouWhy are my dreads so Fluffy?

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