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How to wear a Spiral Lock – Video Tutorial

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Hey all 👋

This time I’ve got some exciting styling tips for you and your dreadlocks. I’ve been making some spiral locks and I couldn’t but share this news and a tutorial on “How to wear a spiral lock” with you.

So it’s still lock down right? Don’t know about you but I still didn’t get a chance to get bored. Why? Because of my hands not wanting to stop making. Which is not a bad thing right? So this time I’ve been making some spiral locks! Yes spiral locks are this beautiful long colourful strips that can bend around your dreads and stay where you put them.

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A spiral lock can be used as an alternative to elastic bands that sometimes can be harmful to the dreads if they are holding them too tight. The spiral lock can gently hold your dreads up with out suffocating them or giving them too much pressure.

And the best part is that you can wear a spiral lock in so many ways. I made a little video for you here to check it out.

How to wear a Spiral Lock Tutorial:

Spiral Lock Uses:

  1. Pony tale holder/maker (I don’t even know if you can call it like this lol)
  2. To decorate the area around your dread bun
  3. Wear it as a bracelet
  4. Wear it as a necklace

Yaaaas! So, I hope you liked it and found all the spiral lock functionalities useful! Because it is a super handy item to have! I wear mine every day and I love it! If you’d like to purchase the spiral locks press down here 👇 in a new tab)

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Elena StavrinouHow to wear a Spiral Lock – Video Tutorial

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