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How to make a terrarium in a molten glass bowl – Tutorial

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Hey hey guys,

Making a terrarium is really easy! Terrariums are miniature eco-systems that you can make on your own using a few simple items to get started.

So, I created a little tutorial to show you how I decorated a medium sized molten glass bowl and made it into a terrarium. The Tutorial is great for beginners who have never made a terrarium before.

Just to get it from the start though, when i was in Bali in March, I found this beautiful molten glass bowls. The bowls can be used of course in many different ways, but I found that there is nothing better that giving it some life by creating a terrarium in it.

So here is how an empty glass bowl looks. The glass has been blown over the tree chunk and created this beautiful piece of decorative art.

Now it’s time to make it pretty and give it some character 🧚‍♀️

Check bellow what materials you’ll need for it

Materials to make a terrarium:

  • Container: Molten Glass Bowl
  • Plants of choice
  • Potting Soil
  • Activated Charcoal
  • Decorative Items
  • Spray Bottle of Water

The process – How To and why:

Container: Molten Glass Bowl

You can use a Glass Bowl of your liking, just make sure there is enough space for your plant or all your plants to live in there and not touch the glass

Plants of choice:

There is many plants that would work in a terrarium. Usually you can find them at your local garden centre or even order them online. When selecting your plants make sure you know what conditions they need to thrive. And if you are adding more than one, make sure they survive on a similar environment.

Succulents and cactuses are really good for it, or even moss. I’ve used a succulent in mine that I know is easy to survive and it’s pretty to look at. You can find more plants to buy on shops like the Plant Parcel

Potting Soil:

The right soil should be used for the right plants. In mine I used cactus / succulent soil since I’ve been planting a succulent in my glass bowl. Cactus soil comes in cubes and it expands when we add water. Then I mixed it with Perlite (the white stuff in soil that looks like styrofoam) Usually it comes together with the cactus soil. Helps keeping the soil aired.

Activated Charcoal:

The active charcoal acts as a drainage for your glass bowl since there is no holes like in a pot. The active charcoal should go over the pebbles, a 1/2 inches layer is enough. That should help to keep any of the excess water away from the pebbles. Find it here

Then add a layer of moss over it. That should keep the soil up and not let it fall into the pebbles.

Decorative Items:

You can add anything you’d like to add the extra decorations to it. For example a fairy and her house, or extra pebbles around the plants. Let your imagination go wild.

Spray Bottle:

Add water to your spray bottle and water your plants when they feel dry

Watch Tutorial:

Video Tutorial

How to create a terrarium in a molten glass bowl

Watch this video tutorial I made showing you how the terrarium is been done. This will help you to get an idea on what you can do, but of course feel free to be creative and put your own personal touch!

Glass Bowl Terrarium Driftwood Ornament

I hope you enjoyed reading / watching this tutorial and you find it useful. The melted glass bowls are great for presents or for your own home decor. You can find them on 4 different sizes on my shop

Glass Bowl Terrarium Driftwood Ornament

Check out this beautiful hanging melted glass which can be used for air plants or to grow leafs at their first stage of root growing before replanting them.

Melted Glass on Drift Wood Plant Hanger-1 terrarium
Terrarium in Molten Glass bowl Tutorial
Elena StavrinouHow to make a terrarium in a molten glass bowl – Tutorial

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