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Shop Re-opening!

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Hello all!

I hope you are all doing well despite the lock down that it’s still going in the UK. It seems like we are slowly getting back on track in the shop with a few changes but we are re-opening again! That’s so exciting since we’ve been distancing from each other been so many months.

Shop Re-Opening:

So, as of tomorrow the shop is opening again! Woohoo! There will be no dreadlock appointments taking place yet, but you can visit for a consultation, to book a new appointment and to check what’s in the shop.

New Arrivals:

We just had new arrivals from my last trip to Bali. The items from there are just 👌 There is a big variety of beautiful bohemian home decor that will take you on a trip to the tropics 🏝️ And of course, plenty more handmade creations and dreadlock accessories from, Morocco, India, Turkey and Thailand.

Shop Sale:

Check what’s On Sale in the shop before you get here and don’t forget there is always the option of booking online or ordering online too 🙂

Keep Updated:

And keep updated with my latest news through Instagram and Facebook 🌻

Can’t wait to see you again 🧚

Elena StavrinouShop Re-opening!

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