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Dreadlock Care Interview with Cochere magazine

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Last week I had the great opportunity to be interviewed by  @cocheremagazine about dreadlock care! 🌿I’ve attached below the post they did with all the useful information about dreadlocks, sustainable hair and how to take care of them:

dreadlock care interview

“Dreadlocks are probably one of the hardest hairstyles to get done, but there are certain myths that have always been associated with it.

Maintenance, as much as it is a must, it’s easy and hassle free.
Loctitian, @crafterelena , has had dreadlocks for 11 years herself, and has managed to look after them in the most sustainable manner, using natural oils and a few weekly, monthly and annual regimes.

“A lot of people have the misconception that dreads cannot be washed which is false. Dreads can be really clean and tidy too.

” Dreads are the most natural form of hair that one doesn’t need to worry much about. You wake up in the morning and your hair is in style, it’s literally a 5 minute job or less to tie them in a bun or style them. Swipe to find out more about the how’s and what’s of dreadlocks!”

Check @cocheremagazine out form more sustainable ways of living! 🦋I love this kind of stuff and I’d love to be supporting more causes like this! 🧚‍♀️

Find more useful information about your dreadlock care here:

Elena StavrinouDreadlock Care Interview with Cochere magazine

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