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Corona Virus Shop Update

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Well hello everyone,

And what a month is just leaving us! March 2020 has been definitely one of the most crazy times in years and I’m sure 2020 will continue to be. Corona Virus or Covid-19 is definitely shaking the grounds for everyone. So here is a little update about what’s going on from my end.

Crafter Elena Bali airport corona

I just got back from Bali on Monday after a mad trip and almost not coming due to countries closing borders, but an hour before we fly we managed to book another flight to come back to UK ✈ Otherwise we would get stuck there..

M️aybe you remember my stories from then.. ➡️

Definitely a place to visit again, not just Bali, but Indonesia in general. You know the fascination I have with culture… Well Indonesia is a place with a very reach one!

I found some great new products to style your homes and dreads that I can’t wait to share with you but it will be some time for that due to the situation at the moment.. I’ll definitely write about them on another blog post for you to read about the whole experience there 😊💻

Dreadock Appointments

For now as you already know if you are following my socials, Insta and Fb I’ve not been taking any dreadlock appointments since I came back due to the lock down of corona virus and until further notice and I’m contacting everyone personally for rearrangements of their appointments.. I’m preparing extensions at home though, and taking future appointment bookings for when the shop is open to the public again.

Online Shop:

The online shop is open so you can still make your orders online and I’ll send them to you along with a virtual hug 🤗to thank you for your support in this difficult times.

I hope you find ways to spend this time safe, give your self time to process what we are doing here on earth. At least now we’ve got the time more than ever! And the most important, if you can be creative, please do so. It helps our brains to be happier and to express.

Take this as a gift.

Change is hard but it’s one of the most beautiful things that can happen to the humanity because this is how we evolve.

And we will come out of this stronger!

Sending you loads of Love & Craft but for now stay at home and I’m hoping to see you all again soon. If you have any questions regarding your dreads, a craft project or you want ideas about how to make your space beautiful, give me a shout and I’ll try my best to help you 🙂

CrafterElena x

waxed cord roll colour pallet

Maybe try and make your own macrame jewellery with some waxed cord?

Elena StavrinouCorona Virus Shop Update

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