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What do you need to get dreads

Hair Type: Almost every hair can be dreaded so don’t worry if you have thin/fine hair, they can still be dreaded.

Length Needed: The minimum length you need for having dreads for the first time is 5 inches. If you want to add extensions you can get away with 4 inches length.

Adding Extensions: If you are not adding extensions expect you will look like a hedgehog for a while if your hair is short. If you add extensions though, they will pull your dreads down and another benefit is that your dreads won’t shrink. They will keep on being pulled down and they will grow downwards. Dreadlocks need around one to two years to mature, within that period they will change shape and probably shrink a bit, until they are hard and mature enough.

One last thing thing to have in mind is that you have to stop using hair conditioner. Conditioner softens your hair and which is exactly the opposite if what we need.

How to wash your dreads

When to wash your dreads: You can wash your dreadlocks for the first time after three weeks to a month from their start. I would  advise keeping it to once every 2 weeks. After one to two years, when they are matured enough, you will be able to feel when your dreads need a wash -there is no specific day you need to wash them, depends on the hair type.

What shampoo to use: It’s good to use a no residue shampoo or a soap bar so no chemicals are left inside your locks. If you use a normal shampoo though it’s not the end of the world. Conditioner is not suggested as it softens the dreads and makes them loosen than keeping them tight.

Dreadlock Deep Clean: Give a deep clean to your dreads once or twice a year and get rid of all the dirt that wont come out with just shampoo. You can find the recipe here – How to: Dreadlocks Deep Cleaning

On the shop you can find a selection of dreadlock care products from Raw Roots organic which are friendly to your dreads and the environment. To find the Herbal Cleanser Dreadlock Shampoo and the Greenie Genie Soap Bar  click here:

Palm Rolling

Keep palm rolling your dreads at least once a day for the first six months. This will keep your dreads in a proper straight and circular shape and it will prevent them from going flat or from having loads of bumps.

How to Palm Roll: Start rolling your dreads, starting from the root and going downwards. Do this for a couple of times and focus on any parts that have bumps or to the direction your dreads are trying to move. This will help the shape of the dread from been everywhere. You can reduce this process in the future but for the time being keep palm rolling!

Crochet needles

Making new dreads: For making new dreads I use a 0.75mm needle. I first section the hair I need for a dreadlock and then I use back combing and palm rolling to form the dread. Then 0.75mm to get the dreadlock nice and tight.

Maintaining dreadlocks: The needle size recommended for maintaining your locks is 0.75mm. Others use 0.6mm which is also good. Personally  i use the 0.75mm as it gives more space for the dread to breath whilst is still tight.

How to fix fluffy dreads

How to use a crochet needle: To maintain a dread you have to pass the needle through the middle, grab the loose hair around the dread with your loose hand, wrap it around the needle and pull it inside the dread.

This is an easy way to start and then you can develop your technique. On our experience everybody finds a different way to use crochet needles depending on how it works for them.

Find a crochet needle: Here

Useful Oils

Coconut Oil: If you are getting a dry skin on your scalp is best to use coconut oil. It moisturises the skin quite well especially if you apply it after washing your dreads. You can also apply it on the length of your dreads to give them a slight shine and a beautiful scent. Find it here.

essential oil hair dreadlocks CrafterElena

Tea Tree Oil: If your scalp gets very itchy you can put a few drops of tea tree oil in a spray bottle with water and splash your scalp with it – it works! – and it will refresh you straight away!

Tea tree oil is also very good for keeping knits away from you, for more details read this article on: “Nits and Dreads – How to get rid of the Dreadlock Nightmare”. This oil has also many anti-fungal purposes so you can use it for multiple different reasons,  it’s a must have oil for any dreadhead. Find it here.

Lavender Oil: This oil is extremely effective for hair and scalp treatment.
It helps hair growth, increases hair follicles as well as soothes dry scalp. The Lavender Oil will give your scalp and hair a healthy treat since it has antibacterial properties and kills fungus. Find it here.

Rosemary Oil: If you are getting dandruff the Rosemary Oil helps treating it. Just add a few drops in a spray bottle with water and spray your dreads.Find it here.

⬅️You can try a combination of tea tree oil, rosemary and lavender to Make Your Dreadlock Care Spray Mix – Useful Oils

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Get in touch with us to book an appointment

Please send photos of your existing dreads or hair and explain what you are wishing to have done with us at:

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  • Elena is a professional and her skills are outstanding. My hair was a mess, some of my locks were so thin and nearly falling off due to previous poor maintenance (not done by Elena). Guess what, I walked out of Crafter as a new lady with new set of locks thanks to her magic hands and technique. She is so gentle, you can hardly feel anything. One last thing, her rates are not going break your bank account 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thank you Elena.

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