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A touch of Morocco

A Touch of Morocco

So a few months ago, April it was, that I’ve decided to finally visit the beautiful Marrakesh! Morocco was always on my list of places to go to and finally it happened! I had the Moroccan experience if I could call it. A friend called me one day and said, I’ve just booked flights for Morocco, same “V” and “C”. Are you up for it? And I couldn’t but just say yes!


The City of Marrakech:

The place amazed me by it’s beauty, the character, the people, the buildings. the food, the crafts, everything just shouts culture!! A culture that is embodied in everything that it’s created there. It’s a perfect place for inspiration.

Walking down the souks, inside the medina (old city if Marrakesh), I couldn’t but enjoy the smells, the sounds and the people, while wondering to discover more about this place. Every little street has something to tell, memories from past centuries, traders and travellers talking and arranging their new deals.

My purpose there, discover the culture, where things come from, the local traditions and their creations. I found that the Berbers are a tribe from the Atlas mountain that habit a big part of Morocco and Tuaregs are a nomad tribe from the Sahara Dessert. These 2 tribes have played a very important role in the artistries of Morocco.

What you can find there, is carpets/kilim’s, embroidery, ceramics, jewellery, metal, wood and leather. From these I’ve selected some beautiful pieces to show case in my shop in Manchester and on my online shop.


Carpets & Pillows:

A beautiful selection of beautiful Moroccan Kilim’s / carpets / rugs that mix the ethnic and urban character made from the Berber people in Morocco with a tassel detail at the end.

To mix and match there are pillows available in the same colour pattern. You can always choose a different colour though to adjust your living room or bedroom depending on the rest of the colours of the room.


I mean… Is there anyone here that doesn’t know how the Moroccan lanterns look like? It’s like, if someone told you think of a Moroccan room, what would you think first? The lanterns of course. 

Beautifully handcrafted, with the Islamic patterns poked on the thin sheet of metal, the glow beautifully through the holes.. 

Enjoy these lanterns now on our shop in white, to much a bohemian style room with a colour painted wall. 


In the ceramics section we’ve discovered that the Moroccans like the handcrafted, hand painted ceramics. You can find some really funky colours and designs there in different bowls in plenty of sizes and shapes. I’ve decided to stock my shop with these funky ash treys that are super wind proof 😉

Silver oh Silver/Jewellery:

OK, so I have to say that the Tuaregs have really got some style here! A really cool tribal style that can live through centuries without going old school. It’s as if it will always stay in fashion, because it’s just cool!

And the best part that makes it more unique, is that at the back of the necklaces or inside the rings , the name of the family that made them is carved 😉


And last but not least would be leather. Morocco is widely known for the leather craftsmanship with skin from goat or ship. Leather is a byproduct so don’t think we don’t love animals, but we believe in a balanced ecosystem and fare trade.

Leather is one of my favourite materials and this time I’ve added to the collection a very useful gadget for any festival goer and more.. The belt pouches which come in 4 different designs from my lovely friend and future husband Khalid (after he gets some camels gifted from my family, otherwise there is no deal😉).

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Elena StavrinouA touch of Morocco

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